Return the world

We love the world.


We love the multitude of voices that exist within it. We are inspired by people who love their own culture and are fascinated by others. We love people who sing, write, take photos and share experiences. We believe in the universal language of creative expression. We know that despite all our differences when all is stripped down we are all human – every single one of us. We laugh, we cry and we live. We relate, over our happiness, our sadness and over life.

Life is what we share wherever we are in the world, whatever skin colour, culture, faith, gender, age, sexual orientation or taste in music. There is really no reason for judgment. There is no reason for war. There is no reason to be disrespectful when we can connect over the shared value of life; the most precious of gifts passed on by our common ancestors, channeled into you, me, and us.

Some might say this is a naïve perspective. Others may say it is simply unfeasible. And this is why we want to do something; be proactive and explore the world, learn about others and know ourselves: why not live a world of connections, not disengagement?


So we love the world. And we love you.


Yeah, we love you man, and we love you ladies of all marital-status (with the appropriate romantic or platonic expression.) It makes our day to know that you guys are well. And if you feel like these words are sinking in, feeling inspired to spread some good vibes across the world we definitely want you.

We want a world where we can be proud of who we are, just as much as we are proud of a friend on the other side of the hemisphere. And we can make this more of a reality each day, with each person who choose to connect.

There are three ways to join the global fun. Read on and find out where you sit comfortably !


20 / 02 / 15 : Shirt set #2 in Japan. Karin Okoso shooting from Tokyo
19 / 02 / 15 : Shirts travelling from Marseille to Accra
11 / 02 / 15 : Simon Fejoz shooting from Marseille
24 / 01 / 15 : Shirts travelling from Istanbul to Marseille
27 / 12 / 14 : Erkin Demir shooting from Istanbul
08 / 12 / 14 : Shirts travelling from London to Istanbul
22 / 11 / 14 : Federica Potenza shooting now from London
03 / 11 / 14 : Shirts travelling from Paris to London
06 / 10 / 14 : Ben Lorph shooting now from Paris
30 / 09 / 14 : Shirts travelling from Brussels to Paris
22 / 09 / 14 : Annabelle Podgornïi shooting now from Brussels


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